Clock Knight. (Whatever the fuck a "Clock" is.)


Name: Leoni Loyahl Size: Medium
Player: Justin Mass: 70kg
Race: Hylian Speed: 3
Age: Adult Life: 4 hearts, 16 hp
Sex: Male Stamina: 2 blocks, 8

Current Rupies / Capacity
135 / 200

Weapons/Tools DMG Size Special Range
Steel short sword 3/4 Heart Small

Shields DMG Red Size Special

Armor DMG Red Size Special
Cloth Armor (-) 1/4 Heart
Ammunition Current / Capacity

Bullseye Lanturn
Oil .01 Liter Obsidian Shard
Family Crest
Grappling hook- Tools+Agility

Resistance: Vulnerabilities:

Attributes Rank Skills Rank
Brawn 2 Melee B 2
Agility 2 Heavy B 0
Guts 1 Ranged A 0
Wits 1 Shields G 0
Smarts 1 Spellcraft S 0
Instruments W 0
Tools B/A/S 0
Acrobatics A 3
Power 0 Atheltics B/A/G 3
Courage 0 Riding S 0
Wisdom 1 Stealth A 0
Perception W 0
Survival S 0
Lore S 0
Composure W 0

Techinques Magic Songs
Side Jump- Dodge becomes 2 squares left or right. Cost 1 SP
Spin Attack- theaten all adjacent squares. Cost 5 SP.

SP= Stamina point
Racial- acoustic alignment detection (whether they tend towards Power, Wisdom, Courage, or are forsaken by the Goddesses)
Family crest: Round object with protrusions and bars, foreign writing around the circle.



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